Every voice matters

A few days ago I logged into WordPress hoping to see millions of likes, follows and the undying praises of the world flutter to my inbox—no dice. What I did find was a scraggly post that lay atop everything else labelled: “Going to end it tonight.” As with the rest of humanity, my intrigue was… Continue reading Every voice matters

Positive ripples of intent

I believe that positive vibrations cause ripples. Those ripples flutter and flap, fighting the negative current from the almighty sea. Before long, those ripples are waves, tumbling and rolling in the deep. Now they seek land as they brush aside the rocks and the coast line, strengthening with your keen intent. Once ashore, your positivity… Continue reading Positive ripples of intent

 If you ever feel lost.

I know that you feel trapped. I know that you feel like this is all there is and all there will ever be, but it isn’t. You can do more, you know it, and I know it. You can and you WILL reach your full potential, it’s inside the very fabric of your being because… Continue reading  If you ever feel lost.